Largest economies,population age of 65


Share of population above age of 65. Japan: 27% Italy: 23% Germany: 21% France: 19% Spain: 19% UK: 18% Canada: 17% Poland: 16% US: 15% Russia: 14% China: 10% Brazil: 8% Turkey: 8% Mexico: 7% India: 6% Indonesia: 5% Pakistan: 4% Saudi: 3% UAE: 1% (World Bank)



According to McKinsey and Company, “the aging of China means that as a share of the total population, it will have five percentage points more people above the age of 65 in 2020 than it has today”. #ChinaAus #China

Largest economies in the world, 2050. 1. China 2. India 3. US 4. Indonesia 5. Brazil 6. Mexico 7. Japan 8. Russia 9. Nigeria 10. Germany (PWC, GDP PPP figures)

Germany’s 1st economic contraction since 2015 was led by a drop in exports and private consumption, a trend that needs to be reversed if the Europe’s largest economy is to rebound

Every fifth citizen of #Croatia is above the age of 65 – generally rapid population #ageing in EU-CEE economies (Source: @EU_Eurostat, @wiiw_news calculations)

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