May- Brexit in debate

16864991_1315569095147483_7191911714005041103_nMay has asked the  members of Parliament to support her plan to pull the country out of the European Union. Instead lawmakers adopted a motion rebuking her government even before debate on the Brexit deal began.

May’s government and the EU agreed on the deal last month. The document must be approved by both parliaments.

The debate in the British parliament was delayed by 5 hours on Tuesday. Lawmakers — including those of May’s Conservative Party — approved a motion finding the government in contempt for failing to release the full legal advice it received on Brexit.

May urged lawmakers to vote for what she called an “honorable compromise.”

She said, “Don’t imagine that if we vote this down, a different deal is going to miraculously appear. The alternative is uncertainty and risk — risk that Brexit could be stopped, the risk we could crash out with no deal.”

UK Prime Minister immediately faced criticism that her deal is far off from what the British people want. Those raising objections included members of her Conservative Party and its Northern Ireland-based non-cabinet ally, the Democratic Unionist Party.

The lawmakers are due to debate the draft deal section-by-section, from national security to the economy. Voting is planned on December 11th.

British media report that prospects for approval remain unclear. Britain is due to leave the EU in March next year.

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