DMRC Blue Line Signal Snag


December06, 2018 (C) Ravinder Singh

Corrupted DMRC didn’t invest in R&D adopted Different Equipment & Technology for Different Lines with the result Paid Many Times more, Required Different Skills and Unable to Build Skills to Flawlessly Maintain Signals and Operate Trains.

Every day DMRC get 6-7 hours of Maintenance Slot 2000 Hours in a year. DMRC didn’t earn from MISTAKES – TOKYO Metro has 290 Stations serve 8.9m Passengers to DMRC 231 Stations but just 2.7m. Roughly Load Factor is half of TOKYO Metro.

Visitors to the exhibition had no idea that DMRC Blue Line is Not Fully Functional – I too was trapped – soon after boarding the Train realized ‘Doors are Not Closing and Train on other track too is not operating.’ Train started after 10 minutes and covered about 3 kilometer distance in 30 minutes or average speed of 6 kmph.

Pragati Maidan was entirely dug up but for few air-conditioned halls built recently.

When private builders develop a residential property they enclose the Plot Under Construction in metal sheets– but in case of Pragati Maidan entire area under construction is dug up, even access roads are dug up for months than Building Structures in 4-5 Phases.

Entry for the Trade Fairs or Exhibitions is mainly through Gate Number 10and even here there are Food Vendors encroaching the access and visitors have to walk almost 1 kilometer from Rig Road. Internal service for visitors is limited to around Functional Area than pick up from Ring Road.


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