Skirmish police & students,France cities

Sagar media inc Skirmish between police and students in France cities are spreading with high school students throw mock tale bottles some places carrying baton knives. Streets on fire in : Students rise up against educational reform after fuel tax surge ask Macron resign  French police detains 480 yellow best protesters and armour vehicle in Paris for first time after 2005. French police clash with ‘yellow vest’ protesters on Champs Elysees latest media reports.

Videos flashed for the moments tear gas deployed in Paris on 4th weekend of protests. President Macron not there to dialogue with students protesters.

Armoured van brace over Paris to quell the protest. Protesters want Macron resignation

‘Saturday is the Elysee, we would all like to go to the Elysee’ – one of the leaders of #YellowVests

Deployment of the armored vehicles in an urban area is the first since 2005 when riots broke out in the Paris suburbs #LesGiletsJaunes

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