France Ministry data hacked


International crime even in ministry with internet is big casuality which need to be tackled with experts ongoing efforts with International effort.

Cyber pirates had hacked data from the French Foreign Ministry website containing data of nationals traveling abroad, the ministry said in a statement on Thursday.

“Personal data registered during registration on the Ariane platform has been stolen. This data could be misused but with limited effect as the information does not include sensitive financial material or data likely to disclose destinations,” the ministry said.

“We took immediate steps to prevent such events from happening again,” it added, noting that the website remained operational.

“These incidents do not call into question its reliability and its utility for the safety of the French who travel abroad,” the ministry said without giving details on the hackers’ origin.

The Ariane platform is created in 2010 to enable French citizens planning a trip abroad to register online in order to receive security-related updates during their stay abroad.

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