School Admissions, One Application-Interview for All Schools


December16, 2018 (C) Ravinder Singh

Responding to Raghuram Rajan’s comments on December14 about state of India Education as Clipped here, I may add that India for 17% or 18% of World’s Population has practically Zero Patent grants and Commercialization score. India rank among Poor African countries in EDUCATION Standards asdetermined by PISA score.

Harassment of Children, Parents, Administrative Corruption begins at Pre-School admissions itself. Parents are asked to FUND School Building also. Education in India is not PUBLIC SERVICE & DUTY but BUSINESS like any another means to make money.

When UPSC can select 1200 Civil Servants from over a million applicants in Three Stages for 35 States/UT, over 80 Government Departments, why can’t States like Delhi –

Ø Similarly arrange TEST OF CHILDREN JUST TO CHECK THEIR NORMAL DEVELOPMENT & HEALTH seeking admission, their parents may file SINGLE Application and Children may appear for 5minute Standard Interview which may be recorded. Interview Questions may also be Pre-Recorded.

Ø Children who are in Poor Health & Mentally Under Developed my go to Spl Schools,

Ø Children with Exceptional Intelligence, ‘Who Can Learn say 10 Times Faster’ to go for Intelligence Test and admitted in Special School for High IQ Children. Elite Private Schools may also have Special Section for High IQ Children.

Ø Scholarship to High IQ Children in Govt Schools & Free Education in Pvt Schools.

Ø Private Schools may get Roll Numbers of Children within Area Code of the School.

ü Delhi Schools to participate in PISA Test,

ü Delhi Schools to report DATA of Admission to Higher Educational Institutions, like AIIMS, IITs, IIMs, JNU, etc. every year and top 100 Ranks.

ü Patent Filings by & Grants to Delhi Educated residents. –

Why Does India Refuse to Participate in Global Education Rankings?

India’s troubling record on education won’t go away by boycotting PISA.

For the third time, students from East Asian countries have outperformed their peers in the rest of the world in science, math, and reading in the 2015 Global Education International Triennial Survey.

In the 2009 survey, students from two Indian states, Tamil Nadu and Himachal Pradesh, participated; India placed 72nd among the 74 participating countries.

Raghuram Rajan plus 12 [Our record on primary education is dismal, with only about half of the children in class five able to do math or reading at the second-grade level. Parents have responded by increasingly migrating to private schooling, but private schools are only slightly better than government schools, and in their current form will not solve the problem of low education quality. It does not get better at higher gradesour PISA scores were so low that we refused to participate again in that international benchmarking exercise. The poor quality of human capital may already be constraining growth (industry is increasingly concerned about the large and growing skill deficit), limits its inclusiveness and prompt a premature move to replace workers with machines.]


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