China celebrate 40 years of reforms

LyFLu4mTChina reform initiated in the year 1978 has progressed to four devades.  Late leader Deng Xiaoping’s campaign of “reform and opening up” began four decades ago.

With grand success of trade econony and technology  development pace with that of developed economy, China 40 years it  introduced major economic reforms to be ranked as most powerful nation after US.

Chinese President Xi Jinping says he will continue to open up his country, but that it is not easy, cautioning that it could lead to unimaginable storms.
His comments come as the nation marks 40 years since it began massive economic reform that has turned it into the second largest economy in the world.

Tuesday’s ceremony took place at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing.
The event was attended by those who helped contribute to the development of the country including Jack Ma, the head of the Chinese online shopping company Alibaba.

President Xi says the reform and opening up initiative is one of the greatest revolutions in Chinese history.

The country’s ruling Communist Party launched the initiative in 1978.

Mr Xi spent much of his lengthy speech listing examples of China’s progress over the past decades, praising them as “epic achievements that moved heaven and Earth”.

President Xi, said that the global super power would not be told what to do by anyone.

The resulting growth has made China the second largest economy in the world.

Mr Xi said despite this growth, China would “never seek global hegemony” and also highlighted its contributions towards a “shared future for mankind”.

Chinese efforts to work towards the greater global good, saying Beijing was a “promoter of world peace,” a “defender of international order” and holding “a leading role in dealing with climate change”.

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