Rahul Fighting Friends

1545128308977-763076648Rahul Fighting Friends & Foes, SC, CAG, ECI and Wild Politics   

December18, 2018 (C) Ravinder Singh ravindersinvent@gmail.com

Soon after ‘Half Success in Recent Elections’ – Rahul Gandhi suffered major set backs in Supreme Court, High Court, CAG – ‘Media Questions His Acceptability as PM 2019.’

As India’s real Think Tank I was not thrilled by recent Election Results – Congress secured clear majority in Chhatisgarh out of five states after a clear win in Punjab in Mar2017. Even before the Floor Test in State Assemblies there are fights for Chief Minister seat in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh – in Chhatisgarh also where Congress has clear majority.

When the ‘Choice is Difficult’ best option is Secret Ballot. Within 24 hours Chief Ministers could have been selected for three states in silent manner.

It was not a good message to Friends of Congress when Rahul had to take the help of Sonia Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi in appointing Chief Ministers to Rajasthan and MP.

With Dream in Mind to be Prime Minister of India he should have worked hard in Lok Sabha since 2004 to understand Functioning of Departments and Policy Making – this is 15th year since he won Lok Sabha seat and competing third term in few months.

A Leader aspiring to be Prime Minister of India must have Clear Understanding in Which Direction Supreme Court and High Court Judgments are to go years in advance – Rahul had no idea days after Arguments Were Closed in the Supreme Court, High Court.

Congress was not represented in SC and HC in both the cases when it had full or nearly full knowledge in both matters. When Sanjay Singh recently elected Rajya Sabha MP of AAP Party could be represented in SC what prevented Congress MPs – some in LS for 35-40 years to be lead petitioners who are also Lawyers in Supreme Court.

Sheila Dikshit and Central government did nothing to Black List BSES/BRPL for RIGGING METERS and Reliance Infra for Defects-Cracks in DMRC AIPORT LINE.

When PAC led by Murli Manhar Joshicould INFLUENCE CAG and was monitoring functioning of CAG and meeting CAG – PAC led by Mallikarjun Kharge for years had no idea of CAG functioning – CAG audits all states and government departments every year.

Demand of JPC makes no sense when Congress has not even 10% members and no majority in LS and ‘No Political Consensus’.

Even in matter of ‘Demonetization’ Congress responded after one week – when Demonetization was discussed under Congress Governments also in the past.

Conclusions – neither Rahul Gandhi is suitable to be Prime Minister nor INC has Think Tank of Capable People who could take charge of Different Departments & Functions as Leading Opposition Party that may take GRAND ALLIANCE to Success in LS2019.

Men losing Elections for 5-30 years are Still Heavy Weights & Decide Political Matters, many Polled not even 10% Votes are not EJECTED – INC is Losing Heavy Weight Party.


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