Manmohan Singh Books, BRICS, 3 RBI Governors in 4.5 Yrs

December22, 2018 (C) Ravinder Singh ravindersinvent@gmail.co38875531_10160792116650008_3843731353208094720_n

Nations are made great by Technology, Technology and Technology not by Economics, Economics and Economics. Manmohan Singh whom I admire as gentleman and honest person has recently released BOOKS in several volumes – their contents are many times the size of Mahabharat or Ramayan – explains his life story but little about Good & Bad of Indian economy. From Matriculation in 1948 to publish his first Works was in 1964, 16 yrs.

Two Biggest failures of Manmohan Singh were are —

1.  In 50 years when his government lost in 2014 or 54 years presently – He couldn’t CREATE SECURE MARKET for Farmers who may get say 60% of Retail Price for their Produce, adequate Storage by Farmers, processing Surplus Foods before selling etc.


Yesterday there was a debate in ET on Banks Consider First Day of Default in Payment of Dues by a company as NPA Case – when before first default of Bank Loan a company may have not paid dues to hundreds of suppliers or not Sold Products for months and years.


2.  He never Understood the IMPORTANCE of TECHNOLOGY all his life. China presently grants 200 Times more regular patents to its residents than India. –

Resident Indians Patents Granted – 2,541 in 2008, 594 in 2013 and 1,712 in 2017; China for same years –46,590, 143,535, and 326,970.

Even in 1712 Patents granted to resident Indians – most are Bogus filed Academics with no Commercial Interest or in the case of APIXABAN – 121st Patent for same molecule discovered in 2001.

I was inventing as a 3 yrs old child – Dismantling and Assembling Toys and in one month at age 6 years I mastered Maths 1961 – age 10 was first rate Chess Player, age 18 played as top Chess Player at midway stage of All India Chess Tournament at St. Stephens College in Delhi, age 19 topped Competitions for Top Industrial Houses, including Birla & Shriram groups, Was commercially inventing in 1974 at age 19 Working at then biggest factory in North India, started patenting in 1978 age 23 – was awarded at Expo’85 World Exhibition of Inventors age 30.

India formed BRICS club of fastest growing economies – Zuptas brought down SA recently, Imbanis in 90s‘Printed Duplicate Share Certificates and Got Loans Against Fake Shares’ failed in Oil & Gas sectors, Power, Telecom many times since 2002.

In last 54 months India has 3rd RBI Governor – Banks were forced to cut LENDING RATES which meant Banks lost over Rs.15,00,000 Cr Interest Income, Re-Scheduled Loans – Four Fold increase in NPAs. CREDIT TO INDUSTRY DECLINED AS PERCENT OF GDP. GOI wants to takeover SECURE RESERVES meant for Depositors Protection.

Current TREND is PUPPET STARTUPS – New Companies Controlled by Foreign Investors.


Innovative Energy, Power, Transport, Water, Smart Cities, Manufacturing, IT, Agro Projects & Technologies 

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