Indonesia Tsunami caused by volcano collapse

Study shows tsunami caused by volcano collapse
IndonesiaTsunami death toll  rises to 429 and 1480 injured  and is likely to enhance further with rescue work in operation toll can reach in Ks official fear second tsunami to follow.
Japanese researchers say it is possible that Saturday’s tsunami in Indonesia was triggered by part of a volcano slipping into the ocean, according to analysis of satellite images.Researchers at Japan’s Geospatial Information Authority studied topological changes to Krakatau Island. They compared images taken last August by the Advanced Land Observing Satellite-2 known as Daichi-2 with ones captured on Monday.The study revealed significant topological changes to the island’s southwest, such as blurred coastlines and the disappearance of the crater — all indicative of volcanic sector collapse.

Professor Emeritus Toshitsugu Fujii at the University of Tokyo says this is evidence the tsunami was caused by a debris avalanche into the ocean as a result of volcanic sector collapse.

He says the volcano was formed over a relatively short span of 100 years and may be brittle as a result.

He says continued volcanic activity could lead to more deadly waves and says people should remain vigilant.


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