Kejriwal Follows Sheila Dikshit ROTTEN Ideas, No PM Choice


December26, 2018 (C) Ravinder Singh

When we expected Kejriwal to be King Maker if not King in Indian Politicsaround this time leading to LOK SABHA 2019 – he is not in the DEAL MAKERS CLUB yet and often we don’t get good news from Punjab or Delhi – worst was ZERO-ZERO in 2014 twice Sheila Dikshit offered to return back as Leader of Congress in run up to Delhi State Elections.

Delhi is Missing CHIEF TECHNICAL OFFICER – to provide Direction and Speed in Development Program. Kejriwal is following Sheila Dikshits Dirty Rotten ideas.

Two signature USPs of Kejriwal Vote Catching Ideas – Subsidized Power & Water are no Longer Valid at this time – Delhi has 50,000 MW Connected Load – increase in Fixed Cost by average Rs.100 per KW per Month means extra Burden of Rs.500 Cr per month – Rs.6000 per year from about 4m households [Rs.15,000 Per Household]. I couldn’t believe a small Commercial Connection was paying @ Rs.14.5 per unit of Electricity.

There is some improvement in WATER SUPPLY due to more allocation through court intervention but SEWAGE & DRAINAGE Continues to be OPEN and LEAKING BACKFLOWING SEWER LINES. No Trunk Sewer Line is laid – these are grossly neglected.

DMRC Claimed 3,369,439 ridership for 102 km Phase-I [P-27] but achievement was only 889,094 for 2009 in CMD filing.

Now Delhi Metro has 317 km track but average ridership is barely 2.76m against expectations of 10m – Delhi Metro is GROSSLY UNDERUTILIZED.

For the last 20 years I had emphasized improvement to the EXISTING SUBURBAN Rail Services in Delhi NCR Region. Even if Delhi SUBURBAN could run 10m Frequency for 16 Coach EMUs – at little cost Delhi can have world’s best and most economical service in the world – IMPROVE ACCESS TO DELHI METRO – Direct Access to Platforms and Interconnectivity within 1-3 km by Electric Rickshaws.

I can’t imagine why Delhi is Supporting Phase-IV which is MOST UNVIABLE OF ALL and Underground Bullet Trains ORIGINATING at SARAI KALEKHAN.

Sheila Dikshits Rotten ideas are being REPEATEDLY followed – I have attached two OPPOSING STORIES – One about storing WATER IN YAMUNA RIVERBED THAN IN DAMS – and 2% Yamuna in Delhi generates 76% SEWER. In any case even if Delhi stores 200 MCM water in riverbed– still 7000 MCM water is lost to sea past Delhi every monsoon.

 SUNITA NARAIN and MANOJ MISHRA had MISGUIDED Sheila Dikshit in all matters – RIVERBED STORAGE would RAISE WATER TABLE in East Delhi and along the Yamuna in Delhi and Make BUILDINGS WEAK & COLLAPSE under even mild tremors.

Sunita in 2000 advised Delhi to SWITCH to CNG when LPG or ETHANOL fueled buses would have cost a third – E-Rick of Better Design in Delhi are Missing at Metro Stations.


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By Naresh Sagar

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