Fiscal Deficit 115%, Tax 49% Apr-Nov – SENSEX Lost $350b

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December28, 2018 (C) Ravinder Singh

Just days away from General Elections as reported earlier 75 of top 100 Fortune-India 500 Companies were not giving dividend last year, could be more this bad year  – now it is disclosed that India has already in just 8 months exceeded ANNUAL DEFICIT target by 15% when Net Tax Collection is barely 49%.

SENSEX lost $350b or  Rs.24,50,000 Cr this calendar year which usually doesn’t mean much but when NPAs are already in excess of Rs.12,00,000 Cr – loss of SENSEX MARKET CAP means even more NPAs due to reduced value of pledged shares.

GOI fueled CORPORATE INFIGHT supported Ambanis & Adani – Ramdev also against Established Companies for generations – Telecom, Power, Ports, Energy, Infra, Retail, Petroleum, Refining, Food Processing etc.

India has surrendered to China in Electronics, Mobiles, IT and Consumer Goods.

Instead of Augmenting ROLLING STOCK of Indian Railways – GOI invested in Unviable METROS, BULLET TRAIN, RAPID RAIL, High Speed Trains, High Cost New Diesel Engine, Electric Locos & Coach Factories and NEW RAIL LINES when India already had EXCESS MANUFACTURING Capacity of ABB LOCOS, LBH COACHES, DOUBLE DECK Coaches.

India didn’t invest in Irrigation & Water Storage Infrastructures – building TRADE & RIVER BASIN DEVELOPMENT with neighbors – COST OF NHAI LAND ACQUISITION TRIPLED BUT LAND ACQUISITION DECLINED.

Earlier Onion or Potato prices crash was Once in Five Year Farm Crisis – Last Few Years Every Farm Commodity is IMPACTED by TRADER CARTELS.

GOI is Not ENGAGING QUALIFIED & THINKING-INVENTING PROFESSIONALS When Every Industry, BANKS and Government Departments and Companies need Chief Technical Officer.  


Innovative Energy, Power, Transport, Water, Smart Cities, Manufacturing, IT, Agro Projects & Technologies 

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