Indian prisoners lodged in Pakistan Jail

According to the Consular Agreement signed between the two countries on May 21, 2008, India and Pakistan are required to exchange lists of prisoners in each other’s custody twice a year, on January 1 and July 1.

Today India has shared from  Pakistan, the foreign office handed over a list of 537 prisoners in Pakistani jails. These include 54 civilians and 483 fishermen, the foreign office said. The list included 54 civilians and 483 fishermen, the foreign office said.

Pakistan handed over on Tuesday a list of Indian prisoners  to the Indian High Commission in Islamabad, a statement issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said.

Indian government to share the list of Pakistani prisoners with the Pakistan High Commission in New Delhi as per the Consular agreement.

Confidence Building Measures (CBMs) agreed upon when the two sides were trying to disentangle the complex relationship with the help of the composite dialogue process.

Two neighboring nation are frequently face fisherman penetrating into each other maritime zone without knowing the maritime boundaries, an excellent effort in reviewing   well drafted bipartite continental shelf pact ease the problem.


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