Denmark train accident

The passenger train was heading towards Copenhagen when it was hit by objects or tarpaulin from a freight train, according to Banedanmark, which is responsible for maintenance and traffic control of the railway network.

Danish police say at least 6 people were killed and 16 injured in a train accident on the Great Belt bridge linking the islands of Zealand and Funen.


Several killed in Denmark after train accident, according to local police.

The accident, which took place around 7:35 am CET shut the bridge linking Fyn to the island of Sjaelland also known as the Great Belt Bridge.Chief of Fyn police, Arne Gram, said in a press conference that a passenger train had hit an unknown object.

“We know that it was a speed-train on its` way to Sjaelland (where Copenhagen is located) when it hit an object.”

Chief Police Inspector for Fyn Police, Lars Bræmhøj, added that it was unknown at this time where the freight train had come from or where it had been loaded.

Police are continuing to investigate the cause of the accident.

Gram said that weather conditions were making it difficult for emergency services to reach passengers but that authorities were doing the best they could to reach those injured.

“It is obvious that the infrastructure is vulnerable and the conditions are severe at Storebaelt (Great Belt Bridge) at the moment, but as I said passengers and the dead are the strategic focus for us.”

A spokesperson for train operator DSB told Euronews that there wasn’t a collision between a nearby freight train and the passenger train, but rather that something may have become detached from the cargo shipment and hit the passenger train, causing it to brake hard.

DSB’s CEO, Flemming Jensen, said that his company took the accident “very seriously” and that everyone was “deeply affected by both deaths and injuries.”

“Our thoughts go to the relatives, and we do everything possible to assist the customers and their relatives.”

Danish brewery company, Carlsberg, has confirmed that a freight train carrying their merchandise was involved in the accident.

Kasper Elbjørn, director of International and Danish media told NBC:

“We know very little, but are of course deeply concerned about the accident. DB Cargo Scandinavia, the operator, who is responsible for shipping our goods, has unfortunately confirmed that a freight train carrying our goods was involved in the accident. We do not know any more at this point in time, but we are in close contact with the operator, and we will of course do everything we can to help with the investigation. Our deepest compassion with all involved.”

Police outlined in a statement that they have set up an evacuation centre in Nyborg for the passengers from the train.

The police also called on everyone who has been on board the train to contact their relatives and state that they are okay and have asked the public to not slow down at the site of the accident or take any pictures.

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