Celebrating Science year 2019


Right of living for all humans in this planet with scientific afvancements shall be humble efforts by each scientist in this year of Science 2019.

Education, Health, Energy, Innovation, R& D, Transportation, Climate Control, Poverty Eradication, Environments, Sustainable Development, Artificial Intelligence, Convergence  Sciences and in such convergences in varioys sectors Research and Development lies great challenge to mankind for developing quality life for all human beings.

Health care’s digital transformation will gain momentum in 2019, but health systems will be reluctant to look beyond their electronic health record vendors to try new AI software and other products.

Education is center to our march to better advancements with science nucleus bring various solution to gain utility, efficiency in our efforts with innovative science development bring human the speed of its growth in proportion to our requirements.

Most nation with education best with latest technology change of pattern of industries is to bring excellence, efficiency, enviable quality to our way of life.

Data banks in various sectors gathered in scientific manners are proving to the research and added luxury to carry out the work in more effective manner.

Sharing, unity and collective knowledge with data sharing is next best for science research to be made easy and where there are such platforms nation making fast stride in New Products and services with recognition importance to people on these research and development nother necessary at elite institution only but at converging points of various industrial sectors or in isolation by loner.

Digital mobility of smart phone actingredients in today’s world a catalyst  for most of development in transport, education and health sectors shall bring drastic changes in our quality of life in living and surrounding.

Share of population living at below $5.5 a day.

Nigeria: 92.1%

India: 86.8%

Ethiopia: 84.7%

Bangladesh: 84.5%

Pakistan: 79.5%

Indonesia: 62.3%

Egypt: 61.9%

South Africa: 57.1%

Vietnam: 35.4%

Mexico: 34.8%

China: 31.5%

(World Bank)

With technology the above countries growth charts is absorbingly high in comparison to other developed nations where saturation brings stagflation in Japan and EU developed nations so growth of engines are African Asian to combating poverty levels show growth prospects.

Fastest growing GDP, 2019.

Ethiopia: 8.5%

Rwanda: 7.8%

Ghana: 7.6%

India: 7.4%

Bangladesh: 7.1%

Ivory Coast: 7%

Cambodia: 6.8%

Myanmar: 6.8%

Panama: 6.8%

Djibouti: 6.7%

Philippines: 6.6%

Tanzania: 6.6%

Iraq: 6.5%

Vietnam: 6.5%

Mongolia: 6.3%

China: 6.2%

Kenya: 6.1%

Uganda: 6.1%

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