Ghosn pleads no embezzlement


Nissan Motor’s former Chairman Carlos Ghosn has told a Tokyo court that all the allegations of financial wrongdoing against him are baseless. Tuesday’s hearing is Ghosn’s first public appearance since he was detained nearly two months ago.

The judge explained that Ghosn is being detained because there’s a risk that evidence could be destroyed, or Ghosn could try to flee.

Ghosn has been indicted for allegedly underreporting his income by tens of millions of dollars. He is also suspected of aggravated breach of trust.

Ghosn is accused of transferring about 15 million dollars from a Nissan subsidiary to a firm run by a Saudi businessman.

Prosecutors believe the man had previously helped Ghosn with personal investment losses.

During the hearing, Ghosn said the payment was legitimate compensation for services that included help with solving disputes.

Ghosn also insisted he never caused any financial losses to Nissan.

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