Ambanis Rs.550 Cr, Ericsson Dues – SC Contempt


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January08, 2019 (C) Ravinder Singh

There can’t be anything of Bad Publicity for India than Ambanis Refusing to Pay Dues of a Foreign Company to have supplied Products and Equipment – PLUS TECHNOLOGY which RCOM or RJio never developed or owned. They actually gave TURNKEY Contracts – entire Projects were FUNDED By Banks.

Ambani Brothers refusing to pay Rs.550 Cr to ERISCCON dues on account of Product & Services supplied to RCOM which was earlierManaged by Mukesh Ambani and now Anil Ambani. They had taken Over Rs.2,50,000 Cr Bank Loans for just Telecom Services. –

In Dec2004 Reliance was No.1 Mobile Service Provider but was No.3 in Dec2005 and was mainly Offering CDMA Services – also operating WLL & GSM – [P-5, 12].

There are 192.70 million GSM subscribers (73.81%) and 68.37 million CDMA subscribers (26.19%) at the end of March 2008.


Mukesh Ambani led Reliance Communication adopted different Technologies – WLL, Internet Based Telecom, WIFI, CDMA, GSM etc – in 2002 invested in Laying Optic Fiber lines for Broadband services etc but failed to get intended subscribers.

Rcom had 99.88m subscribers in March2016 – in Sept2016 – RCom added 8m GSM Subscribers but lost all 19.58 CDMA Scribers.

Anil Ambani suffered most with the Launch of RJIO 4G Free Services of Mukesh Ambani.

After CRIPPLING RCOM – Mukesh Ambani wanted to takeover RCOM Networks CHEAPLY.

Between June2017 and June2018 RCOM LOST 98.84% of its Subscribers.


Mukesh Ambani earlier was responsible for FAILING RCOM and Recently Offered 4G FREE SERVICE to Capture Market Share. Even after more than two years in operation has managed only about 20% Market.

RJIOs market share in Cable & Satellite TV is just 1%.


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