Sweden tonight – 2 BOMBINGS

Bombings have now become an everyday occurrence in Sweden – literally.

Kidnapping in Sweden – Ransom money demanded. A young boy has been kidnapped in the city of Falun in Sweden tonight by a man with a baseball bat. The parents received a phone call demaning money for the release of the boy. Sweden isn’t safe anymore.

Young boy kidnapped in Falun, ransom money demanded for his release.

En explosion inträffade vid en fastighet i centrala Landskrona vid 01.30-tiden i natt.
– Nationella bombskyddet är på plats, säger Mikael Lindh vid polisen i region Syd.

Larmet kom till polisen klockan 01.37 om en kraftig smäll vid en fastighet på Skolallén i centrala Landskrona.

– Explosionen var vid entrén till någon form av butik, säger Mikael Lindh, vakthavande befäl vid polisen i region Syd.


WILD night in Sweden tonight – 2 BOMBINGS within just a few hours!

– An explosion in an apartment building in Landskrona –

A grocery store was bombed in Malmö

En explosion har inträffat i entrén till en butikslokal i Malmö.

Police say there is major material damage.

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