Naresh, congratulations! India just got its first-ever Clean Air Programme –


Dear Naresh, congratulations!

India just got its first-ever Clean Air Programme – a huge victory for our health and environment. This victory is on YOU because you and over a lakh people took action together.

This win has proved that when we work together, we can get the government to protect the public good – now we need to ensure the programme is duly implemented. Celebrate the strength in people-power by sharing this good news:

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The National Clean Air Programme aims to potentially reduce air pollution by 20-30% across India, but there are no sector-specific pollution reduction targets and no city-wise targets – presence of which would have made the plan stronger. There is also no legal implication in case of non-implementation of the action plans. However, considering the level of India’s air quality, the fact that our country now has an action plan to combat air pollution is worth celebrating!

Four years of flooding the Environment Ministry’s inbox and twitter feed with our demand for clean air, and courageous protests (not only outside the ministry’s office but also at dirty coal power plants) has finally paid off. While hundreds of thousands of you took action, we released multiple reports on India’s air quality status and pollution sources to keep the air pollution debate alive in media and in the parliament.

Tell your friends and family how you feel to see your action for clean air taking shape:

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Naresh, India has the highest number of MOST POLLUTED cities in the whole planet. The air we are breathing is so toxic it has been described as apocalyptic, or ad rem Airpocalyptic. You decided to not accept the state of affairs and today, we celebrate together.

The outcome is massive because the steps India will take to reduce air pollution will also involve controlling the climate impacts by reducing our fossil fuel footprint.

Our quest to end air pollution has begun.

Manjari with the entire Greenpeace India family!

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