China warns to US on Taiwan

China has issued a stern warning to the United States over the issue of Taiwan.

Beijing, a spokesman for China’s policy-making Taiwan Affairs Office said the Taiwan issue was about China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, and warned Taipei against teaming up with “foreign forces”.

The US Navy’s top officer, Admiral John Richardson, and Chinese General Li Zuocheng, chief of China’s Central Military Commission Joint Staff Department, held talks in Beijing on Tuesday. Richardson has been in China since Sunday.

Efforts to decide Taiwan’s future by anything “other than peaceful means” are a “grave concern” to the US, Brent Christensen, Washington’s de facto ambassador to Taiwan, told reporters.

China’s Defense Ministry said Richardson and Li confirmed that the two militaries should strengthen communication and manage and control risks. They also exchanged views on Taiwan and the South China Sea.

Li was quoted as saying the issue of Taiwan is an internal affair of China’s, bears on China’s core interests and the national feelings of the Chinese people, and that Beijing would allow no external interference.

He reportedly went on to say that if someone tries to split Taiwan from China, the Chinese military will do whatever it takes to safeguard national reunification, national sovereignty and territorial integrity.

In an address earlier this month, Chinese President Xi Jinping didn’t rule out the use of force to counter external interference and Taiwan’s moves toward independence.

Li was likely trying to issue yet another warning to the administration of US President Donald Trump, which has been pressing ahead with arms sales to Taiwan despite Beijing’s opposition.

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