Löfven rolls out cabinet

News brief updated 7.20 pm


Prime Minister Stefan Löfven was elected for second term by the Parliament. 

Prime Minister Stefan Löfven read the Statement of Government Policy in the Riksdag and presented the Government’s intended policies for the coming year.

Löfven’s priorities: improve healthcare + decrease waiting times, national security, ensure the whole country can grow, strong climate policy, and improve schools. But he emphasizes Sweden is in a good position to do this.

“Sweden will work for an effective EU – an EU for the citizens, that creates jobs and increases the security of its people.” said Stefan Löfven  while delivering the Statement of Government Policy today.

Build diplomatic bridge between Israel and Palestine, National Museum for Jews died in Holocaust.

Prime Minister Löfven unveiled his cabinet for his 2nd term.

New names &

The ministries where they’ll work include:

Hans Dahlgren, Gov’t Coordination,

Matilda Ernkrans, Schools,

Amanda Lind, Culture,

Åsa Lindhagen, Labor,

Anders Ygeman, Infrastructure.

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