CTO for Delhi & Rs.10K Cr To Fix Transport 


January23, 2019 (C) Ravinder Singh progressindia2015@gmail.com

When Justice Arun Mishra was caught in Traffic Jam – ordered Railways to build 82 km Delhi-Meerut Rapid Rail Project which is projected to cost Rs.31,902 Cr but end up costing over Rs.50,000 Cr over 6-8 years – I remember Central Secretariat to Qutab Minar section of DMRC was delayed by 2-3 years because Water of Small Drain would leak into and Flood Under Construction Metro Track for 3 seasons. Kale Khan – Meerut line is to run under scores of Big Drains and Rivers.

Projected Ridership of Delhi-Meerut Rapid Rail Project is 1,00,000 – Spending Rs.32 Lakh to Rs.50 Lakh Serve Just One Way Travel Per Day – The cost of a Low Floor High Capacity Diesel Bus which could Transport – 1000 Passenger Trips a Day Locally and 250 Passenger Trips a Day to Meerut.

Justice Arun Mishra ought to have sought Report On Public Expenditure on Transport in Delhi since 2000 – Petroleum & Energy Consumption, Traffic Served by Public Transports – Railway, DTC Buses, DMRC – Road Expansion and Registered Vehicles – Accidents and Transport Deaths.

Delhi Metro alone had spent over Rs.1,50,000 Cr on 327 km Network in today’s money but Ridership is stagnant at 2.5m per day for 2-3 years serve not even 10% to 15% of Trips in NCR Region.

Minister Hardip Puri, good enough for CEREMONIAL DUTIES is pushing for Delhi Metro Phase-IV to cost over Rs.50,000 Cr and Three Rapid Rail Projects to Cost Rs.1,50,000 Cr or Rs.2,00,000 Cr which is Delhi’s 10 Capital Expenditure Just on Metro and Rapid Rail.

This is Rs. 1 lakh Per Capita Expenditure on new 300 km Metro and Rapid Rail tracks.

As CTO Delhi I shall Fix Delhi Traffic Problems in 12 months @ Rs.10,000 Cr.

1.     Decongest Main Line Railway Stations – build 10 New Stations or Terminals in Delhi – 6 in Neighboring states i.e. Dadri, Gurgaon – Fast Access to Mainline Trains.

2.     Convert Old Delhi-Shahdra Line to ONEWAY OPERATIONS – Trains to Ghaziabad will arrive in 15-20m than 45m to 60m – Trains to Meerut in 60m.

3.     Instead of 20,000 CNG Auto at Delhi Metro Stations – which serve One Person average [Returning Empty] – introduce 15 Seater Electric TUK-TUK on local upto 2 kilometer routes Serving in both directions. DOUBLE METRO RAIL ACCESS.

4.     Engage over 20,000 CNG Buses & Low Emission DIESEL BUSES for Long Distance.

5.     UBERIZE entire Public Transport – Promote 5-80 Passenger Capacity Share Taxis.

6.     Introduce ELECTRIC TRAMS & HIGH CAPACITY BUSES on Trunk Routes.

Make Public Transport Cheap, Fast & Clean Than Private Transport.


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