10X Women Entrepreneurship Summit

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Dear Garager,

Venture Garage, in association with Kotak Mahindra Bank Invite you to the event- 10XWE, an empowering session filled with epitomes of success. Join us to take away a plethora of inspiration and opportunities along.

The aim of the summit is to empower women, helping them to recognize their potential and reach new heights. The conference will bring voices and insights from leading women entrepreneurs. The summit comprises of panel discussions, fireside chats & networking sessions with an objective to foster womenpreneurship and economic independence of Indian women.

 Who Should Attend?

  • Women SME Business Owners,
  • Women Founders of Startups,
  • Investors,
  • Corporate Business leaders,
  • Influencers/Bloggers


           Our Agenda for the Event:
  • The Centre of Change
           Listen to the one who has introduced new measures and brought about a change
& in the society’s overall outlook towards womenpreneurship.

  • Torchbearers: The Dream, The Struggle, & The Prize Panelists:
          A panel of five leading women entrepreneurs will take you through the journey of their
success stories & leave behind nothing but inspiration in abundance.

  • 10X Women Entrepreneurship: Scaling Dreams
           A panel of five investors will be addressing their point of view on startups, focusing on
debatable topics in this segment.

  • Leading from the front, challenges & overcoming them
          A panel of five women corporate leaders will be guiding you through the essential
qualities one requires to plant the seed of their vision.

  • Impact stories: Taking Inspiration
           Unheard stories, inspirational stories, stories on and about change for you to take                   away a lot more than you expected

Come be a part of change, after all, it’s #HerTimeToLead


Warm regards,
Team Venture Garage

For any Queries, contact:
Raunaq Sharma | raunaq@venturegarage.in | 9873530110

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