AAP : Delhi HC verdict On Airport metro Express Line

The court has rightly prevented wrong payment to a company which cheated Delhi
It is extremely surprising why the Modi govt is shielding Congress-era mega fraud
The Aam Aadmi Party welcomes the recent judgement by the hon’ble Delhi High Court saving the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) from paying Rs 4,500 crore as compensation to Anil Ambani owned company which had terminated its contract for the Airport Metro Express Line. (The detailed court judgment is now available and is attached with this release).
The hon’ble High Court has correctly prevented the defaulting private company from wrongly getting Rs 4,500 crore of taxpayers money for making profit and running away from its responsibility of running this critical Metro line.
The AAP has consistently maintained that the deal between the DMRC and the Anil Ambani owned company – Delhi Airport Metro Express Private Ltd (DAMEPL) – was a scam and it solely aimed at illegally benefiting this company at the cost of citizens of Delhi.
It is extremely surprising as to why the Modi government at the Centre did not accept the Delhi government recommendation for a CBI probe into this highly suspect and dubious deal.
What raises further suspicion is that why is the Modi government protecting the suspect deal of the previous Congress government ?
The agreement between the DMRC and this private company was illegally modified and wilfully manipulated to give an unfair advantage to this private at the expense of the public exchequer.
There were serious multiple defects and lapses in the civil construction of this Metro line.
The hon’ble High Court in its detailed judgment has rightly stated that safety of Metro commuters is not negotiable and no private company could have terminated the contract on the ground that since the speed on this Metro line will be slow leading to losses, therefore it is terminating the contract.
·         The AAP demands that a inquiry by a high level team of experts is necessary to ascertain how 15,051 cracks were found in the Metro tracks and 149 defective twists were found in the girders.
·         This probe should also find out how the Airport Express Line which was originally designed to run at a speed of 120 kmph, had to be reduced its speed to 50 kmph due to defects in civil construction.
·         Separately, given the alarming proportions of negligence and corruption, an independent expeditious criminal investigation is required to find out the truth as to how such a huge conspiracy was hatched to play with the lives of Metro commuters and cause a mega-loss to the public exchequer to merely help a private company which cheated the people of Delhi.

AAP Media Cell <media@aamaadmiparty.org

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