Delhi’s Economic Development & Clean Environment

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January30, 2019 (C) Ravinder Singh

From stories in Media every day we can make out ‘No One Own’s Delhi’ or ‘Nobody is Responsible for Delhi Problems’ – neither Urban Development Minister, nor Lt Govrnor, nor Chief Minister, nor Mayors & Corporations nor MPs, MLAs and MLC etc.

Roads and Drains are not cleaned daily or on monthly basis, there is no Security for 99.99% Delhi Residents, Water Supply is Worst By Global Standards, Open Stinking Drains, Flooded Streets, Dengue & Malaria, 90% Children not getting admission in Premier Under Graduate Courses, NO INDUSTRY, Severe TRANSPORT Constraints, Parking Choked Streets and Roads, Highest Pollution in the World, No Sports & Playgrounds, Hospitals serving 5 times Designed Capacity, Railway Stations inaccessible – Poor Multimodal Connectivity, Heavy Two Way Daily Commute – Educated work in Gurgaon or Noida, Low Skill Workers in to Delhi, RAW and Rotting Food Supply – World Record GARBAGE Generation than Food Processing, Long Power Cuts at any time, No SOLAR Rooftops, Broadband Lines hanging from Poles, No Public CCTV – No Education Policy, School Admissions are LIKE JOB Applications for Parents.

Ø Delhi getting just 1% of Funds Collected in Delhi by Central Government,

Ø No Storage Dam on Yamuna – Agreement in 1954,

Ø Pure Bhakra Water Mixed in Sewage & Drainage of Haryana-UP,

Ø Potable or Treated Water Mix with Sewage in Distribution,

Ø Hard Ground Water Mixes With Treated Water,

Ø Every house has its own Water Storages and Treatment Plants,

Ø Recently built Substandard SEWER Lines are already Choked.

Though Delhi has 38,265 CNG Buses but only about 4000 are Engaged by DTC for Public Transport. Traffic Bottlenecks – Slow Speed at peak times.

Delhi Metro Lines are UNDERUTILIZED due to Poor Modal Connectivity.

Auto serve just ONE Person on Average – when TUK TUK can serve 15.

Delhi may have few thousand AMBULANCES – 95% Times Don’t Response to Accidents or too Slow to Arrive for Patient Pickup.

Fire Service too slow – can’t access most parts of Delhi.

DISCOM not engaging qualified staff take hours to restore tripping.

80% Crimes Preventable – No Street Patrolling.

Slowest Courts – years to decide simple cases.

Frequent Digging of Roads, for Laying Public Services.


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