May: Soft borders to N Ireland

10296641_10207806125292670_1380295115210999376_nUK Prime Minister Theresa May is in Northern Ireland where she is trying to assure people that she can secure a Brexit deal that will avoid a hard border on the island of Ireland.

May said the “need for changes to backstop is the key issue” adding that she is not arguing to scrap the backstop.

In January, MPs rejected the deal May had agreed with the EU over concerns about the Irish backstop, an insurance policy that is designed to avert a hard border.

May will return to Brussels on Thursday to seek fresh concessions on the Irish backstop. However, EU leaders have indicated they will not renegotiate the Brexit deal.

The Prime Minister also said she “would not compromise Northern Ireland’s position in the UK” and that she does not want to create an effective border between Northern Ireland and Great Britain, which is why she opposed the EU plan for a Northern Ireland-only backstop.

May said she will hold talks with all of Northern Ireland’s political parties on Wednesday.

The Prime Minister also said that she is committed to the Good Friday agreement, a peace deal signed in 1998 to end the period of conflict in Northern Ireland known as the Troubles to an end.

She also said that she wants the strongest possible bilateral relationship with Ireland, which she says, has a deeper relationship with it than any other member of the EU27.

Adding that she will work with the Irish Prime Minister and also floated the idea of a joint UK-Ireland World Cup bid for 2030.

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