Romania PM voice EU complains


15493471922111313871244PM Dăncilă, from the ruling Social Democrats (PSD), cited France has an example of unfairness between east and west Europe.

She said there had been no outcry among EU leaders when French riot police clashed with protesters from the “gilets jaunes” (“yellow vest”) movement.

“It’s a double standard,” said Dăncilă in an interview with Politico. “I didn’t see anyone come to the European Parliament and say: ‘We want a resolution on France’.”

Dăncilă said Romania and Bulgaria were the only ones subject to anti-corruption monitoring from Brussels.

“It’s said that this mechanism is meant to help Romania and Bulgaria,” Dăncilă said. “It talks about corruption.

“I’ve seen very big acts of corruption also in Holland, I saw them in France, I saw them in Germany. No one ever asked for the introduction of such a mechanism.”

It comes after Brussels — in a report in November — accused Bucharest of backtracking on its progress on fighting corruption.

The European Commission asked Romania to revise judicial reform laws and moves to decriminalise some corruption offences.

“To solve certain issues, I don’t think you need to put someone in a corner or point the finger at them, the others need to come to support you to solve these issues,” said Dăncilă, who described herself as pro-European.

Dăncilă said she would meet with European leaders this week to reassure them about rule of law in Romania, which currently holds the EU’s rotating six-month presidency.

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