Barham on Trump

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Iraq’s President Barham Salih on Monday criticised US President Donald Trump for saying he wants to keep US troops in Iraq to watch Iran.

Speaking at a function in Baghdad, Mr Salih said, the US leader did not ask Iraq’s permission to do so.

He said, US troops were in Iraq as part of an agreement between the two countries and with a specific mission of assisting in the fight against the Islamic State group and combating terrorism.

Mr Salih said, the Iraqi constitution forbids the use of Iraq as a base to threaten the interests or security of neighbouring countries.

He was responding to Mr Trump’s comments in a TV interview during which the US President said, the US has an incredible base in Iraq that he intends to keep because he wants to be able to watch Iran.

Mr Trump said, the US base in Iraq is perfectly situated for looking at all over different parts of the troubled West Asia.

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