Fully Endorse the Piece & The HINDU position

Fully Endorse the Piece & The HINDU position….

1. Clear that lack of Money trail Keeps this Gov in a Position to Continue Refuting Corruption Allegations… (NaMo Gov Apparently also Waived Anti-Corruption Clauses..see report link by The HINDU)

2. EuroFighter TYPHOON Lead by Airbus Industry Consortia was anytime a Strategically Better Deal (France + Case Germany, Spain etc involved …) rather than a Technically Bankrupt DASSAULT Aviation getting the Deal in an Info-French Bilateral Deal…Unless of -Course the 108 Aircrafts of Make-in-India are ordered Simultaneously on HAL…

3. The techno-commercial Case of Twin Engine versus Single Engine (A Better Option in Long Run), Which only DEFENCE & Marine Biz has brought out in Favour of GRIPEN-E,(5th Gen Fighter Craft Extendable to 6th Gen) SAAB , Sweden, TEJAS- MK 2,3 & 4+ HAL, INDIA and Lockheed Martin, F-16, F-35 is not even in the Discourse, albeit the Gov of India has made First Moves over the Last Year post this issue appeared in D&M Biz….

4. The 4-3 decision, and then Endorsement by CCS(Cabinet Committee on Security) post DAC (Defence Acquisition Council) Chaired by Manohar Parrikar, Left it to the Discretion albeit the 3 Dissenting Members being only Pipped by Chair, Parrikar leaves a Lot of Tongue Wagging…Eurofighter TYPHOON Counter Open Offer rejected under the Garb of Procedures & CVC etc ironically Comes under the Ambit of CVC as a Case of “Causing Loss to National Exchequer & Interests, especially since the PM of India and then French Prez, Francois Hollande were in Direct Communication ….

5. So , Eric Trappier, CEO , Dassault Aviation position of Demanding 1.3Mn EU Additional for 36 RAFALE Aircrafts in the Garb of 13 Additional India Specific Changes as Purportedly Demanded by Air Force Points to Crony Capitalism , as then this Open Offer should have been negotiated with Eurofighter TYPHOON as Well , with France in Lead there as Well via Airbus Industrie… A Better Deal with Civilian Airbus Aircraft Make-in-India possibilities and HAL doing the Same as Versus enabling the Anil Ambani Reliance Defence an indirect beneficiary now via Offset Clause for Civilian Aircrafts … Rs 30K Cr benefit Allegation to AA Sticking Like Glue in the Round about Deal…. HAL gone…..

Lets see How this plays out further….

Both CONgress & BJP are actually on same page…both Wanted RAFALE, with only difference that in One Case favouring HAL….

Eurofighter TYPHOON Option & Single Engine Cause not even in RADAR there….


NB : Gov Waived/Removed Anti-Corruption Clauses in the RAFALE Deal, Exposes The HINDU Further to the above release of inside details of its investigation…..



Prof A G Iyer


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Big increase in Rafale’s price came because a deal bypassing mandated procedures and made in the face of official objections resulted in €1.3 billion ‘non-recurring’ cost attributed to the ‘Design and Development’ of 13 India Specific Enhancements being spread over 36 instead of 126 aircra…

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