Now this Fresh The HINDU Update Puts PMO, NSA & Even MoD on Docks… How on Earth there was a Blatant attempt to undermine Defence Procurement Procedures (DPP) ?

This inspite of Clear Dissent from 3 Serving Officers that was overruled and met a 4-3 Verdict due to the Chair of the Committee… DAC.. DM / RM Parrikar Left the Matter to PMO and it seems , PMO & NSA Went unduly a Step Further in Dropping Anti-Corruption Clauses and RM Himself Fell into the Trap moving amendment to Drop Escrow Clause , A Step Opposed by Advisor of Costs of Procurement…

Anyways …RAFAEL Twin-Engine MCRA from Bankrupt DASSAULT, of 3rd Gen was Never the Best Suited for Indian Air Force (Inspite of the EUROFIGHTER TYPHOOON, of AIRBUS Industrie …EU Consortia ….being a Better Choice in same Category)…. Especially When Single-Engine MCRAs Bouquet for Energising Idle AF Squadrons were available(200 planes to Order for 2019 -2022)…. Led by SAAB GRIPEN (E)- 5th Gen Expandable to 6th , Swedish ; HAL’s MK 3 & 4 ( 4th Gen) and Lockheed Martin, USA, F-16 (4th Gen) & F-35 (5th Gen) …. GRIPEN – E already offered with Full Technology Transfer for Make-in-India ….

So is the Adamant Choice of RAFAEL aimed at Favouring the Ailing and Bankrupt DASSAULT Aviation, that is breathing only due to Orders from QATAR & KUWAIT (24 Planes Each) …with India being only the 3rd to do so… And We Are Paying 41% More Price for the 36 plane Acquisition in Fly-Away Condition with 13 Medications that were being offered by EUROFIGHER TYPHOON with NO ADDITIONAL COST + 20% Discount Double Whammy to Tango as Equivalent, Rather Better Offer in Twin-Engine Configuration….The Single Engine Option as Superior & Cost – Effective was brought out by DEFENCE & Marine Biz Across Editorials & Cover Feature …Circa April 2017 & January 2019…

Was RAFAEL Choice Also aimed at Favouring Anil Ambani’s (AAs) Reliance Aerospace & Defence (RAD) with the alleged Rs 30,000cr (US 4.25bn) Offset Benefit ? In an Election Year, All these Questions have Relevance…. Especially since AA RAD has been referred to NCLT (National Company Law Tribunal) with Rs 9000Cr (US$ 1.4bn ) NPA ; While AAs Telecom Venture is Simmering in the Couldrun of Rs 45,000Cr ( US$ 6 .4 bn ) NPA …..

High Time the Modi Government Comes Out Clean on these Expose by The HINDU , the team Led by N RAM being famous for the Way they brought BOFORS Deal in Front of this Nation….

JAI Hind
India Brandished

Prof A G Iyer
DEFENCE & Marine Biz,

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