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No Pricing Mentioned…. MEHERSHI is No MAHARSHI…. Hand in Glove With those Found Out With Hand in this RAFALE Cookie Jar… CAG has Made a Report With Fresh Ammunition for Both Sides (Ruling & Opposition) as another Round of WAR Begins…. While The HINDU Stand & Expose Now Vindicated…

1. Says Rs 2.86% Cheaper in Flyaway Condition ….So Earlier 9% Claim of RM in PARL Trashed…And Lo & Behold, NO CHANGE in Price of BASIC Configuration of Fighter Craft in FlyAway Condition…. All this When CAG Fails to Mention the Price, While Making Commentary….

2. India Centric Enhancements Labelled Unnecessary… Clearly CAG trying to Shield the Gov on the Additional 13 Fitments that Shot Up the Cost… And Stating AF & Gov need was Casual… ISE (India Specific Enhancements) being dropped Now?

4. It is Silent on the Dissent of INT (Indian Negotiating Team), DAC and Rest on Sovereign Guarantee replaced by Letter of Comfort and Removal of Escrow Clause in the Parallel Negotiation by PM…PMO…Surely Without Sovereign Guarantee & Escrow, the Deal Will be Cheaper… No Rocket Science to Understand that in an Insecure Deal…..

5. Further , there was No Quickening of Delivery of the MMRCAs (Medium Multi-Role Combat Aircraft)….

6. When there was Technically No Conclusion of the Deal Earlier for 126 planes (only Budgetary Quote in Proposal)…How on Earth the CAG Concludes it as 2.86% Cheaper ?

Unimaginable that PM was Negotiating Such Stuff….By-passing INT, MoD, DAC etc…

Just a Few Questions Above, While a Storm Awaits the Report at PAC – Public Accounts Committee….PARL


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