The Obama Foundation

When a young person gets out of the justice system, how can we make sure they don’t end up going back?

Harry Grammer has a solution: give them the mentor-based support and care they need to begin their lives anew.

Meet the Obama Foundation Fellow who is helping young people who have faced significant challenges and struggles turn their lives around:


Harry Grammer knows firsthand how hard it is to break free from the cycle of detention: He spent five years on juvenile probation when he was a young man.

Reflecting on his past—and determined to give young people like him a second chance—Harry founded New Earth, an organization that empowers justice-involved youth in Los Angeles County through art, poetry, education, and vocational programs.

By providing support and mentorship, Harry and New Earth are helping thousands of kids move forward and lead healthy, productive lives.

Find out how being a Fellow has impacted Harry’s vision to transform lives and reduce the number of kids entwined in the criminal justice system:

Here’s to second chances,

The Obama Foundation

P.S. In under a week, Harry will join President Obama and the growing network of MBK Communities at MBK Rising!, a national convening hosted by My Brother’s Keeper Alliance. Want to add your voice? Share a question for President Obama about improving the lives of boys and young men of color. It might be asked on stage during his MBK Rising! Town Hall!

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