Qureshi : Pakistan’s security stance on Afghanistan

Pakistan has been blamed time again and again for its failure to bring peace in the regions .Last year in Munich 54th security conference , Army Chief Gen Qamar Bajwa on Saturday asked the US to stop blaming Pakistan for its problems in Afghanistan and instead search for the reasons for its failures. He was speaking at the Munich Security Conference where military chiefs and civilian leaders have gathered to discuss the world’s most pressing security issues. The conference is a three-day event.

This confabulation has surged when money paid to Pakistan to contain terrorism failed in all fronts and the factory of radicals continues  hence obvious terror tension spew during Taliban peace talks.

Local media informs that the Afghan President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani traveled to join security conference in the Munich city of Germany.

Tensions between Islamabad and Washington intensified after the announcement of Trump administration’s strategy for South Asia and Afghanistan, which was very critical of Pakistan for its alleged inaction against terrorist sanctuaries allegedly used for sustaining the insurgency in Afghanistan.

Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi left for Germany on Wednesday to attend the Munich Security Conference 2019 where he will present Pakistan’s stance on Afghanistan.

The Munich Security Conference discusses and analyses the global security situation and is attended by foreign ministers, defence ministers and experts.

“Afghan President Ashraf Ghani will be present at the conference and I will meet him. He will present Afghanistan’s stance in a panel discussion and I will present Pakistan’s stance.”

The foreign minister said he would also meet a US delegation of lawmakers. “US, Pakistan relations have entered an important phase. Since day one I have worked towards resetting relations and there has been progress.”

Qureshi stressed that recent statements by the US were encouraging. “Instead of pointing the finger at Pakistan, the role is now being praised. The world is appreciating Pakistan’s efforts for peace in Afghanistan.”

The minister also said he would be meeting with the foreign ministers of Russia, Germany, Canada, and Uzbekistan. “I will also try meeting Mogherini who represents the European Union on foreign affairs so Pakistan’s and EU plan for strategic enhancement can be finalized.”

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