Services Exports – India MISSING Opportunities,


Services Exports – India MISSING Opportunities, Not Serious

February13, 2019 (C) Ravinder Singh

Responding to Round Table on Services Exports – Discussions with Commerce Department – Researching and Inventing for 45 years – I find there is practically ‘No PROGRESS in Developing Global Standard Product & Services in India and for Exports.’

Services Exports by India accounts for 3% of the World but it largely consists of ‘BPOs and Banking Services etc’ – Almost nothing in most sectors – like ‘Tourism’ for example – Most of the Star Hotels in India are either Foreign Owned or Managed.

WTO recognizes almost everything we do as Services which can be Exported or Traded across Borders. IPR TRADE in USA is $200b – Nothing in India and India has few Globally RECOGNISED PRODUCT & SERVICE BRANDS in Foreign Countries. [In Tables]


Word ‘SERVICE’ itself means serving people but in India it means ‘Largely MAKING Money’ than Customer Satisfaction. In 1986 on visit to USA found a person can return a Product which he simply doesn’t like after use for few days  – A friend in USA called me and talked for 30m – line quality was bad from Indian side [MTNL] – he complained to [AT&T] for bad quality – he was not charged for about $100 of Bad Quality Service.

While USA or Japanese Companies ‘SELF REGULATE’ their Quality of Products & Services – India has regulators mainly helping LARGE COMPANIES Maximize Profits.

Instead of ENGINEERS & INVENTORS Led companies India supports TRADERS & ACCOUNTANTS Led Companies and Service Providers are NOT PAID ON TIME.

India doesn’t have STABLE POLICIES – Switch from 2G & 3G to 4G was started in 2016 – in 2018 already trying 5G. Almost every Product & Service is IMPORTED in Telecom.

When Water Services companies in Developed Countries own DAMS, CANALS, WATER DISTRIBUTION in Developed Countries – In India Most Water Companies are PSUs who award Contracts to get New Works executed and for Maintenance of System.

Education standards are SO POOR MILLIONS STUDY ABROAD and Cost more than Education Expenditure On Higher Studies in India.

Business and professional services, incl

·         Accountancy services

·         Advertising services

·         Architectural and engineering services

·         Computer and related services

·         Legal services

Communication services

·         Audiovisual services

·         Postal and courier services

·         Telecommunications

Construction and related services

Distribution services

Educational services

Energy services

Environmental services

Financial services

Health and social services

Tourism services

Transport services


Innovative Energy, Power, Transport, Water, Smart Cities, Manufacturing, IT, Agro Projects & Technologies 

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