Seoul to commemorate centennial of 1919


This file photo shows a painting featuring a scene where 33 leaders of the March 1, 1919, Korean independence movement read the historic Korean Independence Declaration at the Taewhagwan restaurant in Seoul that day. (Yonhap)

Seoul metropolitan government on Sunday announced about 30 programs to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the 1919 popular movement that protested for independence from Japan’s colonial rule.

The programs, organized by the Seoul city government, include a re-enactment of a “manse” procession of Korean demonstrators in the historical event, special exhibitions and cultural performances.

Participants will march from the Seoul Square in front of the Seoul City Hall to the Gwanghwamun intersection on March 1, shouting “Daehan dongnip manse,” which means “Long live the independence of Korea,” as their ancestors did 100 years ago.

More than 10 percent of the Korean population, or about 2 million protesters, took part in the series of anti-Japan rallies held across the country and abroad from March 1, 1919, two days ahead of a funeral for Emperor Gojong of the Korean Empire, through May of that year. The three months of movement ended in failure due to brutal crackdowns by Japan but had a great influence on efforts by other colonial countries to achieve liberation from imperialist powers.Yonhap

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