To Those Who Really Want to Tackle Impotently Belligerent CHINA & ROGUE PAKISTAN

Pakistani shopkeepers and traders burn Indian products including TV transmission systems during a demonstration in Lahore on Oct. 8.
Gopalakrishnan Iyer


1. First Ask the PIYUSH GOYALS & SUSHIL Kr Shinde’s Ex Power Ministers to Undo and Atone for their SIN – they Tell “PowerGrid” – India’s National Electricity Grid Operator ….Must Stop Buying the CHINESE Transformers from a Gujarat Factory…I am talking of TBEA… This issue I have flagged off Several Times Since 2011-12 onwards and then in 2014-17…

2. L1 Tenders and Reverse bidding only Favors CHINESE makes… Send RailMin PIYUSH a Letter Representation to Not Buy Chinese Equipment & Copy their train designs as Well…He is personally Alleged to Have Minted Money in LED & Solar PV… Ask Murugesan Navaneethakrishnan,, Ex DG CPRI, Whether Enough Evidence is there or Not at PMO on such Stuff & Interfering With Institutional appointments for Personal Illegal Gratification….Luckily PM Shunted Him Out from PowerMin & MNRE After My Several Letters ,Tweets & Exposes in ENERTIA of the Marketed Lies….

3. Then Away from Power Sector, Send Letter to BCCI to Stop using OPPO, the Chinese Cell Maker as Brand Ambassador of Cricket Team…

****If You Cant do these, Let Sleeping Dogs Lie and Let us not Impose such unreal stuff on Common Citizens, Who access China Products for their ‘Low Pricing & Affordability and Not for Any Love for these’…

4. When the People in Positions of Power have not only Looked the Other Way, But Slept With the Enemy, as Billions Were Swindled, then What do You Call such HYPOCRACY ?

5. ADANI & One AMBANI are running Thermal Power Plants of Dongfang & Shanghai Electric (China) Makes at MUNDRA in Gujarat and SASAN in MP, UMPPs Where BTGs Worth 6bn US$ are Operating and Nobody Squeaked….

5. Enertia Journal has Exposed Ex Power Secretary RV Shahi & Co of Crooks on How this CHINA Purchases in Power Sector Happened in UPA 2 Led by CONgress & BTG purchases Continues in NDA 2 Led by BJP, While they Stupidly put Safeguard Duty of 25% on SOLAR input Cells & Wafers, Where 75% Material of the World is made by China….that killed our own 15GW of Module Makers and CHINA in the meanwhile dropped Module prices including Raw Material ingot by 30-40% …

NB : Former Fixers & Money Mongers Hang Around in Gov Circles as Advisors & Members of Defunct Committees

Hammam Mein Dono Nange Hain ..

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