UK: A leading light in AI job creation

At the recent world economic forum, in a panel on education, people pointed to the disconnect between what business wants and what education is creating, in part caused by a lack of understanding and dialogue between these two entities.

There is wide agreement that we need a massive push to prepare people for new jobs and skills, but right now, no one is doing enough to prepare people for those future skills.

We’re in the middle of a major transition. I think we are only just beginning to realize the scale of the transition taking place right now — simply put, most people around the world will need to upskill and re-skill. As one person remarked, “It could be an ugly transition.” Another reminded us that in a recent survey in Asia, more than 40% of respondents were concerned about the impact of technology on their jobs.

People spoke of the need to shorten pathways to new skills and for leaders to create a positive narrative for workers. But beneath this sentiment was a real fear of complacency — and a feeling that it is hard to create the sense of urgency that will be required to make such a colossal shift.


Countries on walk the talk UK leading in Europe shows the path other to follow.      UK creates more artificial intelligence jobs than any other European nation, and more than half of them are outside of London.

when we talk of AI the success is here, the artificial intelligence, machine learning and automation revolution is here.

But, what countries and cities are hiring the most in these emerging, but quite necessary fields?

Robotic process automation company UiPath has provided some clarity in this matter by analysing job listings from start-up hubs around the world.

The data also reveals that London is one of the world’s leading cities for AI jobs creation. Ahead of New York, it is the biggest non-Asian city with 744 job postings, and 8th overall in the world.

Despite this, the majority of vacancies in the UK are outside of London — which may come as a surprise, although the UK is fortunate to have a number of expanding tech hubs: From Manchester to Oxford and Cambridge. Of the 1,547 jobs, 803 of them are based outside of the capital. Cambridge (102 jobs), Bristol (62) and Manchester (47) are the best performing towns outside of the capital.

China and the US, unsurprisingly, continue to lead the way in the AI industry. Both countries offer the highest number of jobs in both AI and ML, with 12,113 and 7,465 respectively.

However, the UK has the fourth highest number of jobs in the field. They lead the way in Europe with 1,547 jobs, ahead of Germany (1,120) and France (763).

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