J&K withdraws security Hurriyat

Tweets further suggest, Good. Now for the big fish. All ex-MLAs in Hurriyat take pension from India & abuse the country. Their security has been removed. Same law must apply to the two former Chief Ministers of J&K, since offence is the same.
 Government of Jammu & Kashmir downgraded and withdrew the security of 18 Hurriyat leaders in the state yesterday. Spokesperson of the Home Department said it was felt that providing security to the separatist leaders is a wastage of scarce state resources which could be better utilised elsewhere.
This is, in addition, the 4 persons whose security was withdrawn on Sunday. The security of 155 political persons and activists, who did not require the security provided to them based on their threat assessment and their activities, was also withdrawn. Over 1000 police personnel and over 100 vehicles are now available for regular police work.
The government of Jammu & Kashmir has downgraded & withdrawn the security of 150 Hurriyat leaders in the state.


Among the veterans  leaders whose security has been downgraded & withdrawn by J&K govt are SAS Geelani, Aga Syed Mosvi, Maulvi Abbas Ansari, Yaseen Malik, Saleem Geelani, Shahid ul Islam, Zaffar Akbar Bhat, Nayeem Ahmed Khan, Mukhtar Ahmad Waza,


Among the leaders whose security has been downgraded & withdrawn by J&K govt are Farooq Ahmed Kichloo, Masroor Abbas Ansari, Aga Syed Abul Hussain, Abdul Gani Shah and Mohd Musadiq Bhat.

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