What more evidence do you need, ImranKhan?

self-determination movement Intl’s team led by Raja Najabat Hussain had organised a conference in in y’day with the support of the so-called Friends of Kashmir in EP. Khoob failega zehar jab mil baithenge 3 yaar- MEP’s of , & its hired puppets!

In this conference, the best buddies of spewed venom against on & called upon the country to stop human rights violations & atrocities in .

Speaking on #Pak PM #ImranKhan’s statement on #PulwamaTerrorAttack, MEA said #India demands Pak to stop misleading the int’l community & take credible & visible action against the perpetrators of Pulwama & other terrorists & terror group operating from areas under their control.

#Pakistan based terror outfit #Hizbul has warned of more #Pulwama like attacks on government forces in #Kashmir by young #Kashmiris, saying “it has become a do-or-die situation for terrorists in #Kashmir.”
What more evidence do you need, #ImranKhan?

#Pakistan’s PM #ImranKhan was asking about the investigation & evidence related to the #PulwamAttack, why don’t his own people commonly known as #separatists tell him about the reality & the culprits of the incident?
Separatists are sharing the content related to the funeral prayer of #JeMterrorist #HilalNaikoo on social media, who was responsible for the #PulwamaTerrorAttack along with 2 others.
The Coffin of #Pakistan’s based terror outfit #JeM has labelled on the body of the terrorist.

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