Train18 – A Toy to Hide Under Performance of Indian Railways  


February21, 2019 (C) Ravinder

As per the latest available CAG report – Non Suburban Passengers served by Indian Railways decline10% since 2012-13 from 3944.15m  to 3549.67m in 2016-17. Similarly Freight output of IR declined from649645m NTKM to 620175m NTKM in same period.

Since Indian Railways made HUGE CAPITAL investments – Like AIR INDIA but revenue growth was practically nothing – not even making up for Salary & Pension dues increase – Had it been managed Privately would have been Bankrupt now.

Vande Express or Train18 is basically a Toy. Against a IR Coach which cost Rs.2 Cr each Vande coach cost Rs.6 Cr.

When Indian Railways has mainline Platforms to serve upto 28 Coach Trains Train18 has 16 Coaches that too are Air-Conditioned Low Capacity.

WHEN 22,000 Indian Railway Trains Under Perform – One Vande Express shall not Make Any Difference to IR – Actually Slowing Down Many Others on The Route Which are Slower.

Out of 426 Trains introduced by IR recently – only 5-6 Trains are Super Fast average 60kmph and run Once or Twice a Week – Vande Express is only exception. Most average 24 kmph to 40 kmph.

06578/Banaswadi – Whitefield DEMU Special averages 17kmph.

During 2016-17, the total revenue receipts of Rs.1,65,382.49 croredecreased by 1.78 per cent as compared to total revenue receipts of Rs.1,68,379.60 crore during 2015- 16. This was significantly below CAGR of 10.09 per cent during the period 2012- 16.

The freight earnings ofRs.1,04,338.54 crore decreased by 4.46 per cent in 2016-17 as compared to Rs.1,09,207.66 crore during 2015-16. The growth in freight earnings was negative as compared to previous years’ growth of 3.23 per cent.

The Net Tonne Kilometre (NTKM) in respect of revenue freight traffic of620175 million NTKM in 2016-17decreased by 5.24 per cent as compared to 654481 NTKM during 2015-16.

The growth of freight earnings was3.23 per cent in 2015-16 which was below the CAGR of 15.01 per cent registered during 2011-15. The growth of passenger earnings was4.96 per cent in 2015-16 which was also below the CAGR of 14.31 per cent registered during 2011-15.


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