Pak violates ceasefire

It is difficult for India and Pakistan to go for full scale wars the later cannot dwell for more than 48 hours unless gets some support from its allies but unfortunately his allies cannot support terror camp and infiltration of terror operations. Take it easy Calmer Pak necessity.

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Jammu & Kashmir: Pakistan violated ceasefire at Gawahalan, Chokas, Kiker and Kathi posts in Uri sector last night. One civilian was injured and is currently in a hospital for treatment.

India shot F16s jet planes Security agencies work at war footing to eliminate terror and terror fund is under curb reports TV channels.12 states are on vigil.

Blacksheep’s under strict surveillance.

Mirvisz umar extraordinary phones are compact tel-exhanged

SherryRehman’sOffice @SRehmanOffice

1. aggressed but rose to the occasion and stood as one. 2. Releasing was our moral obligation. 3. Long lasting peace unlikely without solving – Senator speaking during the joint session. #BetterSenseShouldPrevail

Pakistan PM Imran Khan on Wed appealed for peace. Indian government, opening statement after the air strike on Tuesday, stating that India did not intend to target any military or civilian population of Pakistan.Imran taken a similar stand there is scope for de-escalation.

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