Human Rights Migrants


20181014_182210Dear Naresh,


It’s been nearly a year since we learned that the Trump Administration was systematically tearing refugee families apart. A furor forced President Trump to announce they would stop the policy, but thousands of families remain separated, and no one has faced even the slightest bit of accountability for kidnapping thousands of children.


That could start to change tomorrow when Kirstjen Nielsen testifies before the House Committee on Homeland Security. As head of the Department of Homeland Security, Nielsen was responsible for approving and implementing the family separation policy. You might recall that she flat-out lied last year, claiming that that there was no such policy.


When Democrats took control of the House, they pledged to investigate the Trump Administration’s illegal and inhumane immigration policies. Now is their chance to do just that.


Family separation is only one part of an all-out assault on refugees that also includes a crackdown on the right to seek asylum and indefinite detention of children and families. In December, two refugee children died in U.S. custody.


The administration’s assault on refugees is inflicting suffering on people who’ve already suffered greatly. In desperate need of protection, refugees arrive here with one simple request: that the United States live up to its own ideals. Instead, they’re facing detention, deportation, and denial of their basic rights.


Congress should push back—today.


Please contact your members of Congress and urge them to hold Nielsen accountable for the Trump Administration’s inhumane and illegal denial of protections to vulnerable people fleeing violence and persecution.


Jennifer Quigley

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