Today on International Women’s Day

Hi there,

Today on International Women’s Day, we want to take a moment to thank you and everyone else who is working, in big and small ways, to create a world where everyone can achieve their full potential.

There are women and girls in your city—and around the world—who are ready to do big things to better their communities. With your help, we can support them. We can make sure they transcend boundaries and make strides for women and girls everywhere.

Here are a few incredible women who are building a better future today:

Obama Foundation Fellow Preethi Herman is helping women fight for their rights in her native India and beyond. As head of the Foundation, she’s leading a project focused on giving women around the world the tools they need to become petitioners, advocates, and leaders of change.

Sefora Kodjo, a member of the Obama Foundation Leaders: Africa inaugural class, has committed herself to improving lives throughout Africa by empowering the next generation of women leaders through training and mentoring.

Dr. Urvashi Shani, a member of the Obama Foundation’s Global Girls Alliance, founded the Study Hall Educational Foundation in India to help girls stay in school and reach their full potential.

And Obama Foundation Scholar Alice Barbe is helping refugees resettle in France by offering job training and language immersion, and focusing on their personal plans and goals.

There are so many more inspiring women leaders out there—like Preethi, Sefora, Dr. Shani, and Alice—who could take their impact to the next level with your support.

How many more women leaders could we empower with the support they need?

You can play an important part in supporting women leaders wherever they are—and there is no better time to make this commitment than on International Women’s Day.

Give now to empower women leaders in 2019 and beyond:

Together, we can lift up women and girls everywhere,

The Obama Foundation

Donate today to empower more women leaders in 2019 and beyond:

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