HM: India carried out 3 cross-border strike

 India carried out three cross border strikes in the last five years, Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh said here Saturday, without disclosing which was the third.
Singh spoke about the 2016 surgical strike after the Uri attack and the air strike after the Pulwama incident in which a CRPF convoy was attacked by a suicide bomber killing 40 CRPF men , but he did not reveal about the third.
“I want to tell you brothers and sisters that in the last five years, we have gone beyond our borders thrice and our men have successfully conducted airstrikes.

About two I will tell you, but won’t tell you about the third one,” Singh told BJP’s Shakti Kendra office bearers convention here.
“One time you saw in Uri, militants who came from Pakistan killed 17 of our men, who were sleeping at night in a cowardly attack.

After that, our troops too decided. Whatever happened after that you too know it very well, I need not you are seeing,” he said.
He said second one was air strike in Pakistan that happened after Pulwama attack.

He did not specify reasons and targets description but named  third surgical strike.
“I won’t give you information about the third one,” Singh said without elaborating.
Singh claimed that “it is no more a weak India.”
“…leaving aside all our differences, we have to stand together. Time and again India has done this.”
Singh said the Indian government had given a strong message to Pakistan after the Pulwama attack.
He also said that Pakistan would have to pay a huge price if it continued to promote terrorism.
“The country will not provoke anyone, but will not leave anyone if provoked,” he said.

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