Indonesia Grounds Boeing 737 Max

India civil aviation too reviews of safety of Boeing 737  passenger jet before grounding it.

Two Boeing 737 Max crash in 5 months with out having navigational gadget in nosedive  angle and lack design proper training to pilots shortcoming. Indian Ministry must step in to ground 737 Max be grounded unless Boeing redress it’s shortcoming of traiming the pilots or gadgets of nosedive angle device read is in place.


20181014_182210Black box of Ethopian jet 737 Max is recovered from crash site and is being probed of 157 passengers death in 737 MAX crash.

Indonesia also grounds 8 jets  Boeing 737 MAX planes are being investigated throughly for their technology worthiness and reasons for growing accidents happening last 6 months.

China on Monday ordered domestic airlines to suspend commercial operation of the Boeing 737 MAX 8, citing the Ethiopian Airlines crash and another deadly accident of that same model in Indonesia.

China, Ethopia and Indonesia are three countries have suspended the flights of 737 till probe find cause of crash of jet passengers airworthiness.

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