Again British Parliament rejects Brexit deal


British Parliament will vote on a new motion today to decide if the UK should leave the EU within the March 29 deadline without any deal in place. The British Prime Minister Theresa May made the statement last night soon after she suffered yet another massive Parliament defeat over Brexit.

MPs overwhelmingly rejected May’s withdrawal agreement by 149 votes, leaving the deadline for the deal hanging in the balance. Legislators in the House of Commons voted against the deal by 391 to 242. Opposition Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn called for the general election to allow the British public to decide who should lead them into the next phase of Brexit.

Meanwhile, the EU has warned of no Brexit deal saying that Brussels would not make any further concessions to help May win over recalcitrant MPs. A spokesman for Donald Tusk, the president of the European Council, said he regretted the result, but warned that from Brussels’ viewpoint it is difficult to see what more it could do.

EU ambassadors will also meet in Brussels today to assess the vote, the bloc’s contingency plans and to discuss whether to grant a delay to Brexit if London asks for one.

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