EAM brief India foreign policy

Naresh Kumar Sagar@Nksagar

Sagar media inc
Two lakh Indian have been helped Indian nationals abroad.
PM Pak invited PM Modi invited on Pak Nawaz family celebrating
PM Imran Khan on seat of power wanted Naya Pak and ask both EAM India-Pak to meet UN meet.
But on Jan 02 Pakistan violent ceasefire and jawans killed thus dialogue stalled.
Nepal our PM Modi visited and addressed Nepal parliament with all age old cultural relation. Sri Lanka relational are solidifying.
Our relations with Pakistan were peace from beginning asked Pak top leader visit then Atri train
EAM visited 2015 compressive bilateral dialogue.1552483283566994783656

With Africa we invited all 54 nations and in conclave all African nation participated.
Our relationship with Afghanistan Bhutan Bangladesh and projects are being implemented.Maldives is results of our patience with PM Modi visit change of President.

Naresh Kumar Sagar@Nksagar

Sagar media inc :

Our relationship with Arab countries are exceedingly well
best among all times Saudi Arab
King has given respectable pisition to PM Modi.
Our invitation to OIC as guest of honour is another gold example of Arab relations.

Sagar media inc

Indian nationals 5K in Yemen in war zones were extradited by us with especial request to King of Saudi Arabia and Indian and other fifty countries exodus national were helped by India.
ICJ member us such another example with cordial relation by our leaders.

Naresh Kumar Sagar@Nksagar
Sagar media inc
Minister EAM we have covered 189 nations out of UN member nations 192.

Naresh Kumar Sagar@Nksagar
EAM Minister Smt Sushma Swaraj
Our external affairs policy
On two counts,
National Interest,
World one Family.
We are balancing relation with nations nothing for self interest.
Our relationship are not for trade but on familty taking care.

By Naresh Sagar

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