“INDIA DEFENCE Tech Conclave 2019”




“INDIA DEFENCE Tech Conclave 2019”

(IDT Conclave 2019)

16th March 2019

Shri Naresh Kumar Sagar
Founder & Chairman
Sagar Media in Enkaysagar Holdings Pvt Ltd
M: +91-9810974027

Dear Shri Naresh Kumar Sagar  ji,

Sub:  Calling “YOUR GOODSELF” to join us as a “SPECIAL INVITEE” at the “INDIA DEFENCE Tech Conclave 2019” being organized by “DEFENCE & MARINE Biz (D&M Biz)”.

Day:             Wednesday, 20th of March 2019

Venue:    New Delhi Institute of Management (NDIM), Campus Convention Hall, 60 & 50 (B&C), Tughlakabad

                    Institutional Area, New Delhi – 110 062, INDIA.

Time:          10:30 am – 2:00 pm followed by Luncheon.

GREETINGS to “Your Goodself” from “DEFENCE & MARINE Biz (D&M Biz) – The Journal of Defence Sector & Marine Business and its Holding Publishing Entity, “ENERTIA ENFRAMedia Pvt. Ltd.” (EEPL) !!!

It is our pleasure to announce the “INDIA DEFENCE Tech Conclave 2019” on Wednesday, 20th March 2019 at New Delhi Institute of Management (NDIM).

The Core Focus and Theme being “TOOTH to TAIL PREPAREDNESS” for DETERRENCE – MAKE-in-INDIA for Defence.

****     Key Focus of Defence Sector to be deliberated at “INDIA DEFENCE Tech Conclave 2019” will be State-of-the-Art Technology & Innovation for DEFENCE with ‘Make-in-INDIA’ for AEROSPACE, Fighter Aircrafts, High-Tech Defence Telecommunications, Infra–Red & Night Vision Devices, Drones & UAVs, Radar & Surveillance Technologies, Border Fencing, NAVAL Frigates, Sub-Marines, Missile Defence Systems, Heavy Armoured & Multi-Terrain Vehicles etc. and any other topic pertaining to the core theme and its direction or CSF (Critical Success Factor) of “TOOTH to TAIL PREPAREDNESS”.

(+)       Special Focus – SMEs (Small & Medium Enterprises) in Defence Sector Supported by ASMEI (Alliance for SMEs of INDIA)INDIA’s Apex Policy Construct and Policy Direction, Non-Profit initiative for the SMEs and MSMEs inINDIA.

Leading Defence Sector Organizations like DRDO, Ordnance Factories and those under the Ministry of Defence (MoD), Government of INDIA (GoI) and the Defence Experts are invited to converge and join our Eminent Team of Panel Advisory.

This Think-Tank is being Organized by “DEFENCE & MARINE Biz” in the backdrop of Defence Public Sector Enterprises (DPSEs) and Private Sector Enterprises positioned like never before for the potential of US$ 50Bn +Defence Procurement in INDIA.

‘DEFENCE TECH’ Adoption & Absorption in a Time-bound Frame can chart the future course of INDIA’s Defence and National Security that will emerge as an outcome of this Exclusive Conclave, which will be submitted by the Editorial Leadership of D&M Biz to the MoD, GoI & the Hon’ble PMO.

It is our pleasure to also remind our esteemed DPSEs and Industry Private Sector Leader Enterprises of the Defence Sector that your Prestigious Publication, “DEFENCE & MARINE Biz (D&M Biz)” has brought up an exclusive enclosed / attached Collector’s Issue – New Year Special of D&M Biz – A MEGA In–Retrospect Special Issue dedicated to the outcome of “DEFEXPO 2018”.

It is pertinent to state here that “D&M Biz” Partnered the Ministry of Defence (MoD)Government of INDIA (GoI) as an‘Official Accredited Media’ at “DEFEXPO 2018”.

The Undersigned in my capacity as the Chairman – “IDT Conclave 2019” along with my Eminent Organizing Council Membersderive great joy and pleasure in calling “Your Goodself” to join us as a SPECIAL INVITEE at the“INDIA DEFENCE Tech Conclave 2019” being initiated by “DEFENCE & MARINE Biz (D&M Biz)” and Organized byEEPL (ENERTIA ENFRAMedia Pvt. Ltd.) at the NDIM Campus, New Delhi.

We now look forward to Your active participation and joining us at the “INDIA DEFENCE Tech Conclave 2019” being initiated by “DEFENCE & MARINE Biz (D&M Biz)” and Organized by EEPL (ENERTIA ENFRAMedia Pvt. Ltd.) at the NDIM Campus, New Delhi.

With Warm Regards & Best Wishes,


Prof. A. G. Iyer

Chairman, “IDT Conclave 2019”

Editor-in-Chief & Publisher, DEFENCE & MARINE Biz (D&M Biz)


Distinguished Alumni – NIT, Kurukshetra


Associate Dean, NDIM (New Delhi Institute of Management)

Professor of Global Business Enviornment, Government & Public Policy

M: +91 – 90290 07245

E: idtconclave@gmail.comdefencebiz.eepl@gmail.com

PS:      A copy of the Letter dated 13th February 2019, addressed to the Hon’ble Prime Minister of INDIAHis ExcellencyShri Narendra Damodardas Modi ji, informing them of the “INDIA DEFENCE Tech Conclave 2019” to be held onWednesday, 20th March 2019 in New Delhi and copy marked to Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman, Defence Minister and Dr. Subhash Ramrao Bhamre, Minister of State for Defence, Ministry of Defence, Government of INDIA

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