US warns China & Pakistan

Pakistan, Iran, China uses Taliban. Al-Qaida, to beat US, NATO, USA. AFG forces.

ISI uses Lashkars to bleed India, this dirty game need heed global attention.

China taking intent of Pakistan, North Korea Turkey Iran to muzzle democracy.


Flash reports from US stern warning to Pakistan, US says  any further terror attack on India will be extremely problematic.

The same should apply to the Dragon Communist China which is behind Terroristan, promoting it’s terrorist activities against India!

US issues stern warning to Pakistan to take concrete action against terrorism, also warned China against shielding Pakistan.

They expressed disappointment over Beijing’s decision to block the bid listing Masood Azhar as a global terrorist.

With Pakistan factory of terrorist give perpetual terror activity in the region and Afghanistan too is becoming unending graveyard of combat on non issues and democracy mockery with each day infringement of human rights in fighting between the drug charmers and terror funding.

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