Finland probe Nokia


Trekking is Chinese new way to put  nation under surveillance the advance nation has an eye on such privacy infringement new case of irrational tech intervention in security of nation.

Nokia phones have been transmitting users’ personal data to China, the country’s data protection ombudsman announced on Thursday.

“Based on our initial analysis it appears that personal data has also been transferred (to China),” Reijo Aarnio, Finland’s data protection ombudsman, told the news agency STT.

The Norwegian broadcaster NRK published claims on Thursday that data from Nokia’s 7 Plus mobile phones, including location information and serial numbers, has been sent to servers of the state-owned company China Telecom.

“The idea is that data moves freely within the EU, but when we go outside the EU, there must always be a legal basis,” Aarnio said.

Finnish-owned company HMD Global, which manufactures Nokia handsets and has recently seen robust sales growth on the Chinese market, told NRK that some information from the 7 Plus handset has been sent to China, but denied that individual users can be identified from the data.

It said customers have been sent a software update which corrects the issue.

In recent years, data security concerns over smartphones and network equipment made by the Chinese telecoms giant Huawei have drawn warnings from western intelligence agencies and seen the company banned from selling its 5G network equipment to US, Australian and New Zealand markets.


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